data protection law

Dr. Frank (CIPP/E) has been dealing with data protection issues for over 15 years.

When the DSGVO becomes effective, data protection has also become an important liability issue (fines, damages, processing prohibitions, etc.) for responsible parties and contract processors.

In particular, the new risk-oriented information, documentation and organisational obligations of the DSGVO cause a considerable amount of work.

Professional consulting should significantly reduce the workload and increase compliance.

You will find interesting data protection information on this website under NEWS or in my articles on LinkedIn.

We represent you before the data protection authority and before courts in all instances up to the European Court of Justice.

We advise you – also within an interdisciplinary team – for example on the following data protection and IT topics:

  • ISO 27701
  • general terms and conditions
  • contracts with processors
  • BCR
  • appointment of a representative in the EU
  • regulatory privacy reviews
  • contract  with data protection officer
  • shop agreements
  • rights concerned
  • fine proceedings
  • BYOD
  • code of conduct
  • data break messages
  • DatDOK – Your data protection folder = (Fast) finished DSGVO/GDPR documentations (industry-related)
  • data exchange within the group
  • data crime
  • data usage contracts
  • data protection and information security management system
  • privacy audits
  • data protection officer
  • data protection complaint procedure
  • DSGVO/GDPR compliance for products/software
  • data protection impact assessment and consultation
  • privacy information
  • privacy by design and by default
  • data protection clauses in various contracts (e.g. asset deal)
  • data trustee contract
  • transfer of data to third countries
  • DSGVO/GDPR implementation for companies, authorities and associations
  • consents DSGVO/GDPR-compliant
  • hardware and software contracts
  • in-house workshops on your data protection focal points
  • internal audit
  • data protection management systems according to ISO 27701, ISO 29151 and VdS 10010 etc
  • license agreements
  • outsourcing
  • provider contracts
  • authorization concept check
  • check deletion concept
  • legal compliance review
  • policies and instructions
  • claims for damages
  • training sessions
  • criminal proceedings
  • TOMs (appropriate technical and organisational measures)
  • rules of conduct
  • contract jointly responsible
  • list of processing activities
  • video surveillance
  • website
  • whistle blower hotline